Silage Bale Wrap

Silage Bale Wrap

Sun Gold Stretch Films

Vitamech has launched a new superior strength quality bale wrap. Sunfilm has been a leading brand of silage film since 1988 . It is a time proven formula tested in climates worldwide . The product offers exceptional puncture and tear resistance, high opacity to reflect UV rays to maintain a consistent bale temperature and high film cling levels to ensure oxygen and moisture barrier properties are not compromised.

Not only have we accepted our suppliers credentials as to the quality of the product we have gone one step further and have had the product tested at the University of Stellenbosch ( Polymer Department ) by DR Andy Roediger for a period of 600 hours to simulate +- 1 year of outdoor exposure . ( See report attached ) And I quote his findings “ The bale wrap looks good and does not break while retaining the same amount of elongation . It is considered not to decompose during a one year outdoor exposure “

We have tested the product with our NEW Tubeline bale wrapper and have had nothing but favorable comments for our new Tubeline Machine and our bale wrap.

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