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Filter Range

We distribute a wide range of filters for various applications. Our suppliers represent the leading brands in South Africa. To compliment the range, we import a range of oil and fuel filters for various agricultural applications.

Our filter suppliers:

  • Donaldson
  • Fram
  • Fleetguard
  • Quality Imported Range

Our Filtration Technology

Donaldson Filtration products are ideally suited to Africa’s challenging environments. Whether it’s transport on the growing network of highways that link the continent’s important centres, agriculture and mining in our varied climatic zones, industrial air quality in the manufacturing sector, or specialised filtration media for cutting-edge industrial applications, Donaldson excellence makes a difference.

Our continent requires filtration solutions which will enhance working environments on one hand and extend the operating life of vehicles, machinery and equipment on the other. As Africa is increasingly discovering, the comprehensive Donaldson filtration range addresses all of these concerns with products and technology which are at the leading edge of the filtration industry worldwide.

About Donaldson

This is the story of Donaldson Company and its people.

In 1915, Donaldson started as a three-man shop manufacturing simple air cleaners for farm tractors. Today, we have expanded our product portfolio and grown into a worldwide corporation with over 11,000 employees.

Over 85 years of experience

Donaldson Company was founded in 1915 when Frank Donaldson Sr. developed a simple air cleaner to solve a farmer’s tractor problems. In the late 1920s, crop fires caused by engine sparks fueled our diversification into exhaust products. Success and innovation in agricultural equipment led directly to opportunities in the construction and mining markets and later to the over-the-road truck market.

Global presence

By the 1950s, Donaldson had established worldwide sales and distribution through licensing agreements with overseas manufacturers. Our strong client relationships accelerated our international growth nearly 40 years ago. Donaldson established operations in England to support Caterpillar in 1958, and today we service the needs of our customers through operations in 19 countries. This includes our operations in South Africa. From South Africa a broad customer service footprint extends well into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Diverse product portfolio

The acquisition of Torit® Company in the early 1970s propelled Donaldson into the dust collection business, which was further expanded in 1987 with the acquisition of the Day Division of Carter-Day, another leader in the dust collection market. Our industrial air filtration technology is now applied to a variety of industries and environments, including: welding, pharmaceuticals, woodworking, chemical, metal fabrication, foundries, food processing and composites.

Technology leader

During the 1970s, we applied our technology to create innovative filtration solutions to clean inlet air for gas turbines. Today, we create and manufacture air filtration systems for stationary gas turbines and other rotating equipment used in power generation, oil and gas production and transmission and petrochemical industries.
The emergence of computer disk drive technology in the 1980s prompted us to apply our disciplines to micro-filtration problems. Resulting technology has enabled Donaldson to provide new products for diverse applications such as cleanrooms, semiconductor processing and automobile and aircraft passenger cabins.

Consistency in the 21st century

So far, the new century has been a good one for Donaldson Company. The diversification, along with strategic acquisitions, has resulted in consistently strong financial performance and has enabled us to expand and grow our business.

Our guarantee

Every day, employees at Donaldson entities all over the world are exploring ways to help solve customer problems and apply technology to new markets. Our technological leadership, combined with strong customer relationships and a global presence, will keep us at the forefront of our markets for years to come.

Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Has Long History, Rich Tradition

From a small beginning with less than a dozen employees to a global business with distribution across six continents, Baldwin Filters has grown and prospered since its founding.


J.A. Baldwin was one of the first to recognize the importance of improving mobile filtration. He designed a cartridge lube filter and began production in Wisconsin in 1936.

By 1952, Baldwin needed to expand in order for J.A. Baldwin Manufacturing Company to compete for the big orders, but was unable to do so in Wisconsin.

At this time, Kearney, Nebraska, had an idle airfield with hangars that had been used in World War II as a base for the big B-29 planes taking off for Europe.

The company moved to Kearney in 1953 to take advantage of the central location and the available transportation. Once in Kearney, Baldwin Filters began operation in a 24,000 square foot building with nine employees.

By the end of the year, Baldwin employed 26 people and occupied three buildings.

In 1963, Baldwin purchased 42 acres of the former Kearney Air Base and began construction. Shortly after moving part of the operation into the new building, a fire destroyed the original plant and the company offices.

Also lost in the fire were the blueprints of all the filters and the machines designed to produce them. Within six months, J.A. reconstructed the needed blueprints and returned the company to full production.

Between 1964 and 1981, the Baldwin Filter plant was expanded nine times to accommodate the rapid expansion.


In early 1981, J.A. Baldwin suffered a stroke and heart attack, from which he recovered enough to return to run the company. However, at the end of July, Baldwin announced the filter company had been purchased by J.L. Clark Manufacturing Co. (now CLARCOR).

In 1989, Baldwin Filters expanded to include Baldwin Filters LTD in the United Kingdom and Baldwin Filters NV in Europe.

In 1991, Baldwin Filters expanded again. This time with a plant in Gothenburg, Nebraska. At this time, Baldwin Filters Australia was brought into the company.

The following year at the Kearney plant, a multi-million dollar technical center was added for research, development, training and testing.

In 1994, Baldwin added a manufacturing and distribution center in Mexico, followed by a manufacturing facility in Weifang, China in 1995.

Also in 1995, Baldwin Filters purchased Hastings Premium Filters, which included the addition of a third U.S. manufacturing site, in Yankton, South Dakota. In 1996, Baldwin Filters South Africa was established.

A state-of-the-art automated distribution center was added to the Kearney plant in 1999. The Warehouse Management System utilizes bar coded picking labels and radio frequency scanners to move all product throughout the 110,000 square foot facility.

In 2007, a manufacturing facility was purchased in Casablanca, Morocco, and became Baldwin Filters Morocco.

Quality Is The Top Priority At Baldwin Filters

Baldwin’s team of engineers continually looks for ways to improve our product. Working from the basic filtration design and using the latest technology like 3-D CAD modeling and stereolithography prototyping, the engineering group leads the way with innovative, patented designs such as Radial Seal air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators and controlled release coolant products.

Our goal is to design filters that meet or exceed OEM specification. All Baldwin filters are tested in our state-of-the-art technical center and undergo extensive field testing.

Quality is Baldwin Filters’ first priority. Baldwin Filters is not just a filter assembler like many large companies. A vertically integrated manufacturing process allows Baldwin to provide maximum control and consistency by not only producing filters, but also by manufacturing filter components.

The practice of building a filter from the base up allows quality and cost control, giving Baldwin Filters an advantage over the competition. To back up its commitment to quality, Baldwin Filters has achieved and maintains TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications in its facilities.

Baldwin Filters
Baldwin Filters

Cummings Filtration History

The Beginning

Cummins Filtration began in 1958 as a single filter production line developed by Cummins Engine Company to meet the high performance requirements of Cummins diesel engines. Then known as The Seymour Filter Company, the facility was located in Seymour, Ind., near Cummins headquarters in Columbus, Ind. Production started with two employees who sewed cloth-bag lube-oil filters. Today, the company is the world leader in filtration and exhaust products for heavy-duty diesel engines, with a global presence on six continents and over 5,500 employees.

As a result of its dedication to meet the growing market demands for high quality filtration products, the company expanded rapidly. By 1959, engineering labs were established, and the popular LF750 bypass filter was designed, along with other new filtration products. In 1963, the Fleetguard brand was initiated, and manufacturing operations were relocated to a new 135,000 square-foot plant in Cookeville, Tenn., in 1967. Marketing headquarters were established in Dallas, Texas in 1969, and Fleetguard became a full Cummins subsidiary by the 1970s.

By 1974, the Cookeville plant was expanded to 396,000 square feet and in 1979, a 275,000 square-foot Fleetguard Distribution Center was established eight miles from the plant in Sparta, Tenn. This distribution center serviced the Fleetguard aftermarket worldwide. Fleetguard expanded further by acquiring the Deluxe Filter Company in Lake Mills, Iowa, in 1980.

A History of Innovation

From the beginning of its history, Fleetguard has led the industry with product innovations designed to increase vehicle uptime and driver comfort, reduce environmental damage, and provide longer life for equipment to protect the owner’s investment.

In 1979, the LF777 spin-on/bypass filter was introduced containing a patented stacked disk media that replaced the outdated cartridge/housing filter assembly system. In 1982, the Superfilter spin-on fuel/water separator with a patented self-venting drain valve was introduced, and by 1983, an advanced microglass filter media was introduced for lube filters. In 2006, Fleetguard adopted the name and logo of their parent company, Cummins Inc.

Today, Cummins Filtration holds over 200 active global patents for product technology. Recent innovations include the Centriguard™ centrifugal filtration system; Enviroguard™ open crankcase ventilation system; OptiAir™ air filtration system with disposable parts; our user-friendly lube and hydraulic filters made of advanced composite polymers; and much more.

Engine Specialists

Cummins Filtration engineers around the globe are filtration and exhaust specialists, providing the most advanced technology in the industry. All Cummins Filtration laboratories are equipped with the latest in commercial testing equipment. Combined with continuous real world testing, we ensure user expectations are exceeded.

The company has won industry and customer awards for its product technology, including for StrataPore™ media, advanced Venturi nozzle design on lube filtration, patented Spiratec™ technology which has taken centrifugal filtration efficiency to new levels, and our complete line of open and closed crankcase ventilation systems, key components in helping engine manufacturers meet the stringent emission regulations while preventing wasteful oil drips.


As a global supplier to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket dealer/distributors and thousands of end users, Cummins Filtration offers the broadest product coverage in the industry under the Fleetguard® brand, renowned for innovation and quality.


Under the Fleetguard brand, the company markets filtration products to original equipment manufacturers and the service replacement market for truck, construction, agricultural, industrial and hydraulic (on- and off-highway) filters. As a world leader in innovative product technology, Cummins Filtration has introduced many significant advances in the heavy-duty industry, including the introduction of combination full-flow/bypass filtration in the 1980s, multilayered StrataPore media in 1986, centrifugal filtration in 2000, completely non-metallic lube and fuel filters in 2005, and many other state-of-the-art technologies.

Coolant and Fuel Additives

Cummins Filtration offers a full line of Fleetguard branded coolants and fuel additives to protect engines in even the harshest environments. Our coolants not only provide optimal coolant and boil over protection, but also prevent liner pitting, corrosion and scale. Our fuel additives work to meet stringent new emissions regulations while keeping engines running their best.

Light Duty Automotive and Specialty Filters

In order to expand its product line into the automotive market, the company acquired the Kuss Corporation of Findlay, Ohio, in 1986. Now transitioned to Cummins Filtration, this important division provides automotive in-tank and inline fuel filters, gas filled shock absorber bags and specialty filters for the appliance and other industries. The key product line is the insert molded in-tank fuel filters that are used on over 80% of US automobiles and light trucks.

A Vision for the Future

As we move into the twenty-first century, Cummins Filtration continues to lead the industry by focusing on customer partnerships, technological innovation and the protection of engines, equipment, people and the environment.

Quality Policy and Certifications

We strongly believe our customers deserve the highest quality products and services and we are driven by quality improvement throughout all our design, manufacturing and delivery processes. Since our very first days of operation, we have focused on quality as one of our core corporate objectives. We have been an industry leader in quality certifications and recognitions. We became the first filtration supplier to achieve Ford Q1 in 1986 and this leadership has continued throughout the past decade. Our Cummins Filtration locations were the first filtration suppliers to receive QS-9000 certification. We hold numerous OEM customer quality awards including recognition from Deere, International, Scania and others.

We feel that quality processes extend well beyond the production flow and have used the Baldrige criteria to drive total quality improvements throughout the business. One recognition of our world-class efforts came when our Tennessee-based locations received the Tennessee Quality Governor’s Award, the highest level of recognition in the state-based award program.

We at Cummins Filtration care about our customers’ success. Our relentless drive for improvement continues with the deployment of Six Sigma. We are using this proven roadmap and toolset to improve our products and processes as we better serve our customers. We are driven to understand (and meet) customer requirements better than anyone else. Customer Focused Six Sigma is the way we aim to improve the customers’ performance, quality, and cost of the vehicle or equipment and not just the engine and components supplied by Cummins Filtration.